Chicago Restaurants

Chicago ranks as one of the nation’s finest restaurant towns. Here you’ll find innovative hot spots, lovingly maintained traditional establishments, and everything in between. There are simply too many restaurants in Chicago. There’s a rational price-geography correlation in Chicago: the closer you eat to downtown, the more you pay. Chicago even has a notable coterie of female chefs. Chicago restaurateurs are also ready to pioneer new locales. The latest example is bleak South Loop, where Opera is giving diners something to sing about with good food and theater.

Like any great city, Chicago’s got something for everyone, whether your tastes run toward world-famous museums and blow-your-budget luxury hotels or family-friendly lodgings and low-key neighborhood restaurants. The city is booming, bursting with restaurants, hotels, and shops in every price range. A good many of its neighborhoods are dominated by one cuisine, such as Vietnamese restaurants around ‘Little Saigon’ along Argyle Street and Indian-dominated West Rogers Park, especially along Devon Avenue.
Chicago City Guide

With attractions and activities galore, Chicago is everyone’s kind of town. Chicago has things to offer during every season. In spring and fall, you have the opportunity to stroll the city and enjoy the marvelous weather. In summer you have the attractions of baseball and beaches. In winter you have snowy shopping followed by dinner in a cozy restaurant. The Drake Hotel is known as Chicago’s best seafood restaurant.