Best Over the Counter Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins: 5 Worthwhile Products To Consider

It’s imperative that you take good care of yourself when you’re pregnant. You must be more cautious about your food, as it’s not just about you anymore. You must also be mindful of what could help or harm your growing baby. Besides consuming healthy fruits, vegetables, and other foods, you must begin a prenatal vitamin regime to get the nutrients your diet is liable to lack.

Your unborn baby needs all kinds of nutrients to develop properly. By taking prenatal vitamins, you decrease the chance of congenital disabilities.

What Should You Look For in A Prenatal Vitamin

You can get your prenatal vitamins from a doctor (in prescription form) or purchase them over the counter. Each manufacturer has their own formula, which makes it a good idea to talk with your OB-GYN or another healthcare provider about what they may recommend.

Prenatal vitamins need to have certain vitamins and minerals, including:

  • B6 – 2mg
  • Calcium – 250mg
  • Folic acid – 400 to 600mg
  • Iodine – 150mg
  • Iron – 30mg
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Your body also needs various other nutrients, including but not limited to vitamins A, B12, C, D, and E, phosphorus, selenium, biotin, zinc, riboflavin, and DHA. However, it’s folic acid is considered an extremely important nutrient pregnant women need to have. Why?

Folic acid helps to decrease the chances of health complications in babies. When looking at the various prenatal vitamins on the market, choose one with at least 400mg per serving.

It’s important you read labels, not just for how much of each vitamin you’ll get, but how to take those vitamins correctly. If you have difficulty swallowing large pills, you may need to find a liquid or chewable option or consider cutting the pill in half.

Many prenatal vitamins suggest taking them before you eat or sleep. This will stop the nauseated feeling pregnant women often get. If you do this and you’re still getting sick, the brand of prenatal vitamins may be the problem. You may need to switch to another brand.

It’s imperative to talk to your doctor to decide your nutritional gaps or if you have any. You want to be sure you get the right brand of prenatal vitamins to give you all the nutrients you need.

A Look At 5 Best Over The Counter Prenatal Vitamins

Are you looking at over-the-counter prenatal vitamin products? With so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of some popular prenatal vitamin choices.

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Anybody who says gummy vitamins are for children is wrong because anybody who loves gummies can take them. One company that makes great gummy vitamins is Vitafusion, the number one gummy brand.

Vitafusion Prenatal 90 ea — Gong's MarketThe great thing about Vitafusion is its motto: We Make Nutrition Taste Good.” The reality is that they do make tasty gummy vitamins that pregnant women love to take. What are some of the features to consider when looking at Vitafusion?

  • The formula is a great source of vitamins such as A, C, D, and E.
  • The vitamin C amount equates to around ten tangerines (242mg)
  • Each pill has 50mg of DHA, making it a wonderful option to get your omega-3-DHA.
  • The folic acid amount equates to about three cups of cooked spinach.
  • It contains only high-quality, purified fish oil (no mercury or polychlorinated biphenyls.
  • It can support your immune system.
  • It has no gluten, making it ideal for women with gluten intolerance.

Advantages of Vitafusion

  • Vitafusion uses flavors like raspberry lemonade and natural lemon to make the gummies taste good.
  • They won’t cause upset stomach issues and even helps to decrease the chance of nausea and morning sickness.
  • There’s no bitter aftertaste, and it tastes like a child’s fruit gummy snack.
  • It doesn’t harden, even if you put it in the fridge.
  • It provides pregnant women with all the important nutrients they need.

Drawbacks of Vitafusion

• There is no calcium or iron in the gummy, which makes you need to purchase these supplements.
• Some people claim the coating has excessive sugar on it.

If you have problems swallowing tablets or pills, these gummy vitamins from Vitafusion may be your answer. It’s easy to take and can be considered a dessert after you eat. Each bottle contains 90 gummies, which tend to last about 45 days. It’s important to take two gummies a day to get the recommended intake of vitamins.

Vitafusion is a well-renowned brand, but many doctors and pregnant women like it because it has all the important nutrients a pregnant woman and her growing baby needs.

Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin

When it comes to prenatal vitamins, you want one that gives you nutrition and extra energy. You also want a vitamin that support’s your unborn baby’s development and health.

Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin claims to do just that with a single tablet. Using superfood extracts for the foundation offers you and your developing fetus the essential minerals and vitamins. What are some of the features of this vitamin product? Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin Tablets - 45 Count — WholeLotta Good

  • Regarding folic acid, there are 800 micrograms in this vitamin.
  • It has 30mg of iron, necessary for red blood cell products and a healthy metabolism.
  • It has 400IU of vitamin D2, 4,000IU of vitamin A, and 100mg of vitamin C.
  • It’s a mixture of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that help you with your nutrition and give you energy.
  • The concoction can help alleviate some of the pregnancy pangs.
  • It has no artificial colors, flavor, preservatives, or sweeteners.
  • It contains no dairy, soy, nuts, yeast, or shellfish.
  • Vegans and vegetarians like it because it’s a vegan formula.

Advantages of Prenatal One

  • You only need to take one tablet daily, either with a meal or between them.
  • Since it’s food-based, it’s easier on the stomach.
  • The concoction has spirulina (a superfood), ginger, and raspberry.
  • There are no allergen-causing properties in it.
    Every purchase of Prenatal One comes with a donation to the Vitamin Angels Maternal Health Project.

Drawbacks of Prenatal One

According to some customers, there have been counterfeit Prenatal One products circulating. Therefore, you must be mindful of where you buy your prenatal vitamin.
Moisture causes dark spots to grow, but they do not hinder the product’s safety.

The Prenatal One vitamin from Rainbow Light is a food-based multivitamin offering pregnant women and their unborn babies the vitamins and minerals they need for healthy development and body. Although it’s an extremely powerful blend, it’s still very gentle. One tablet is all you need to get the body’s nutrients.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Whole Food Multivitamin

Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vitamins is a complete multi-nutrient vitamin created to meet women’s unique needs. Every vitamin gives you and your unborn baby the nutrients you need. The great thing about this product is that it’s not just a prenatal vitamin. You can take it before you get pregnant and during lactation. What are some great things about this prenatal vitamin from Garden of Life?Garden Of Life Vitamin Code - Raw Prenatal on sale at

  • What does Garden of Life mean by raw? It means the formula has no additives, artificial flavors, colors, fillers, synthetic binders, or sweeteners.
  • Its raw nutrients contain a mixture of 23 vegetables and fruit.
  • One vitamin has 800 micrograms of folate, which is necessary for healthy neural tube growth.
  • It has 18mg of iron necessary for a healthy, productive system and blood.
  • There is 1,400IU of vitamin D3, increasing the absorption of dietary calcium.
  • It can help ease the pain of morning sickness.
  • It offers support to the digestive system with the probiotics it contains.

Advantages of Garden Of Life

  • You can safely use it after birth and while you nurse your baby.
  • The manufacturer uses real food in its formula.
  • There are many benefits for a mom before, during, and after the birth of her baby.
  • Vitamins and minerals were extracted from 23 fruits and vegetables.
  • You can open the capsule and mix it into raw juice or water.

Drawbacks of Garden of Life

  • It’s recommended that you take three capsules a day. If you don’t like taking pills, you may balk at this idea. But remember, you can open the capsule and mix it with something to drink.

The Garden of Life multivitamin is a complete supplement that provides the nutrients a pregnant mother needs to have a healthy baby. It has no dangerous chemicals; if you don’t mind three capsules daily, it’s great to take.

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins

Another prenatal vitamin to consider is the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamin. The manufacturer developed it to provide two bodies with nourishment. It’s easy on the stomach and is developed using high-quality ingredients such as herbs, vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms. The product is often recommended to pregnant women since it can help both mom and baby. What are some of the features of this prenatal vitamin?New Chapter Perfect Prenatal reviews in Supplements - FamilyRated

  • It nourishes women who want to get pregnant or are currently pregnant.
  • It’s completely digestible, so you can take it whenever necessary, even when you haven’t eaten.
  • It contains various nutrients like folate, vitamin D3, all B vitamins, A and C, and iron. It also contains herbs such as blueberries, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower.
  • It’s free of sugar, gluten, and kosher and is great for vegetarians.

Advantages of New Chapter

• The formula goes through a two-step fermentation process and has the power of probiotics, so you can easily take it even if you haven’t eaten.
• The ingredients have been intensely scrutinized and are completely organic.

Drawbacks of New Chapter

It’s recommended that you take three pills daily, which is an effort for some people.
It’s a pretty big pill and does have a nasty aftertaste.

If you need a prenatal vitamin that gives you all the nutrients your body and unborn baby need without any sugar, kosher, or gluten, then New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins may be the right choice.

However, if you don’t like taking three large (horse-like pills) a day, you may feel less than happy about using it, even with its whole fermented ingredients like organic herbs and vegetables.

Nature-Made Prenatal Multi Plus DHA

Another well-known and highly popular prenatal vitamin comes from Nature Made. Its Prenatal Multi Plus DHA vitamin contains the important nutrients the body needs, like Omega-3 fatty acid DHA in the right amounts and just a single dose. It’s a powerful formula that helps pregnant women stay healthy and lead to healthy development for an unborn baby. What features do you see with Nature Made’s prenatal vitamins?Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA 200 mg, 150 Softgels | Costco

  • It’s got the important vitamins pregnant women and their babies need to grow. However, pre-pregnant women can also benefit from using the vitamin.
  • It supports bone health, cellular energy production, and the immune and nervous systems.
  • It contains folic acid that can help decrease the chance of spinal cord or congenital brain disabilities. The vitamin has many important nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin D.
  • Its ingredients are safe and of high quality.
  • While it has wheat, no preservatives, yeast, or artificial flavors exist. Its colors come from natural sources.

Advantages of Nature Made

You just need one soft gel daily – ideal for people who despise taking pills. It should also be taken with food.

  • One soft gel has 200mg of DHA.
  • Its formula offers all the nutrients pregnant women, and their babies need.
  • It’s developed following the stringent rules of good manufacturing processes.
  • Drawbacks of Nature Made

• If you don’t like fish or the smell, you don’t want to use Nature Made, as the formula has sardines, mackerel, and anchovies.
• It’s a rather big soft gel and can be hard to swallow.

Pregnant women and those who want to become pregnant can use Nature Made Prenatal Multi Plus DHA to get the blend of important nutrients their body needs to ensure a healthy growing baby.

If you’re looking for a safe product with the best ingredients, then Nature Made’s prenatal vitamin may be what you’re after. However, if you dislike the idea of fish smell or don’t like seafood, consider another prenatal vitamin to take.

What You Should Remember About Prenatal Vitamins

As a pregnant woman, you must be mindful of what you take into your body. Everything you take will affect your unborn baby and his/her development. With so many prenatal vitamins on the market, you must research to find the product that meets the nutrients your body needs during this amazing time.

Every one of the above-mentioned prenatal vitamins offers a formula that makes them so beneficial to pregnant women and their unborn babies. They have their advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to do your research before settling on a particular prenatal product.

And, it’s not just the nutrients you need to consider, but also the recommended intake and form. For example, if you have difficulty taking large pills or like easily chewable pills, you may want to consider the Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins.

Consider choosing organic vitamins with safe materials and no artificial ingredients and preservatives. Why? The real question is, why not? Don’t you want the best for you and your unborn baby? Do your research and find the prenatal vitamin that’s right for you.

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