Chicago Sports Teams

Chicago is, above all, a sports town. Chicago is a city with an array of championship events. You can always find a sporting event within the city including baseball, football, basketball, hockey and much more. You should never miss the fun of live sporting event in Chicago. Some of the best professional sports teams in Chicago are listed below:

Chicago Bears

Chicago’s football team, they play out of Soldierfield by the museums. Colors are orange and blue, most fans are die hard fans. They were very disappointed in the 2006 super bowl. One thing you’ll probably find is that even though there are a number of fans in Chicago. I’ve noticed that there are not too many in other parts of the country. But Bears fans don’t typically care too much. The games are a blast to attend.

If you have a chance to see them on one of the colder days be assured there will probably be fans there with shirts off painted orange and blue, that’s how die hard these Chicago sports fans are.

A professional American football team, Chicago Bears is based in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Bears football team plays at the newly renovated Soldier Field located on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Chicago Bears are currently members of the Northern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team was founded in 1919 and has won eight NFL Championships and one Super Bowl title.

The Bears’ enmity with the Green Bay Packers is considered as one of the oldest and most storied in American professional sports. Earlier the team was known as Staleys and in 1922 Halas changed the team name from the Staleys to the Bears. In 1932, the Chicago Bears defeated the Portsmouth Spartans in the first indoor American football game at Chicago Stadium.

Lovie Smith is the current head coach of the team. In 2005, the Bears won their division and reached the playoffs. The Bears has played in over a thousand games and during the 2006 season, they lead the NFL in overall franchise wins with 686 and have an overall record of 686–499–42.

Chicago Bulls

Da Bulls, Michael Jordan put, this black and red team’s name on the map of the NBA. If you even remotely enjoy basketball make sure you put this on your travel itinerary, and catch up with them on the Chicago tribune sports updates before you go. It’s a great time, even if you’re not sure you’re into the game you will most likely find yourself standing up and yelling with the rest of the crowd.

A professional basketball team, Chicago Bulls is based in Chicago, Illinois. The team was founded in 1966 and has won 6 NBA Championships, 6 Conference titles and 7 Division titles. The Chicago Bulls basketball team plays at the United Center.

In 1984, the team drafted shooting guard Michael Jordan. Jordan led the Bulls back to the playoffs and also helped increase the popularity of the league. During 1989-90 season Jordan led the league in scoring for the fourth straight season. In 1996-97, the Bulls made a record of 69-13 and won the NBA championship.

The Chicago Bulls struggled for most of the 2005-06 season and finish the season with a 41-41 record. On July 3, 2006, the Defensive Player of the Year Ben Wallace signed with the Bulls for what was reported as $60 million over four years. Scott Skiles is the current head coach of the team.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago’s primary hockey team, colors are red and black. Fierce team, fierce fans. Okay I have to tell you that I love hockey now!

I didn’t until I had a chance to see the game live and in person. If you haven’t had a chance to experience a hockey game live you must. There is nothing like it. You spend more time on your feet than sitting and oh what a show. It’s a complete rush.

A professional ice hockey team, Chicago Blackhawks is based in Chicago, Illinois. The team was founded in 1926 by coffee tycoon Frederic McLaughlin and has won three Stanley Cup Championships and thirteen division titles. The Chicago Blackhawks hockey team plays at the United Center in Chicago. They are currently the member of the Central Division of the National Hockey League.

In 1927, the Blackhawks lost their first-round playoff. By 1931 the team reached their first Stanley Cup Final but fizzled in the final two games against the Montreal Canadiens. In 1934, the team won its first Stanley Cup. The founder and owner of the team Frederic McLaughlin died in 1944.

In the 1960s the BlackHawks made the Cup finals twice. During the 2000-01 season, the team failed to qualify for the playoff. Blackhawks again missed the playoffs in 2003, 2004, and 2006. Denis Savard is the current head coach of the team.

Chicago White Sox

2005 World Champs and they love to remind Cub fans of this whenever they get a chance. One thing you’ll notice is that Chicago sports fans are generally either Cubs fans or White Sox fans. In season you’ll generally find friendly banter among fans at a bar or around town. The games are a blast so bring that cooler and be prepared to have fun! Be sure to see these black and white World Champs.

A major league baseball team, Chicago White Sox is based in Chicago, Illinois. The team was founded in 1893 and is currently a member of the Central Division of the American League. In 1960, White Sox was the only team that put players’ last names on jerseys.

The team came into existence as Sioux City Cornhuskers. From Sioux City Cornhuskers to St. Paul Saints to White Stockings and finally the team changed their name to Chicago White Sox in 1904. Harold Baines is the current head coach of the team.
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The team has won three World Series titles (1906, 1917, 2005), two Central Division titles (2000, 2005), two West Division titles ( 1983, 1993), one WL Pennants (1894), six AL Pennants (1900, 1901, 1906, 1917, 1919, 1959, 2005) since their foundation. The team plays at U.S. Cellular Field and wears the uniform of colors black, silver, and white.

Chicago Cubs

Fondly called the Cubbies, blue and red are the colors of choice here, and the fans of this team are legendary. I personally have never met a group of Chicago sports fans that are as loyal to a team as Cubs fans are. This team has not won a world series since 1908, legend has it that they’re cursed. Yet every year when the ticket window opens to sell tickets there will be Chicagoans camped outside all night no matter what the weather waiting to get their Cubbies tickets.