Chicago Neighborhoods: Rogers Park

A sprawling community in the northernmost section of Chicago, Rogers Park neighborhood is the only Chicago community with direct access to Lake Michigan. In fact, many of its buildings have been constructed right next to the beach and offer spectacular views.

Chicago’s northernmost neighborhood is also one of its most multi-faceted. Rogers Park is simultaneously a college town; arts and theater enclave; a panorama of restaurants, shops and ethnicities; and an area whose prime lakefront location makes it popular among beachgoers. This sprawling community’s long-time residents live in quaint, picturesque homes on quiet, tree-lined streets, alongside a thriving and diverse immigrant population and students of Loyola University’s main Rogers Park campus.

Looking for a college town? Rogers Park. Live theater? Rogers Park. Frank Lloyd Wright? Ethnic eats? A day at the beach? A night at the bars? Those, too, are here in Rogers Park.

This is a neighborhood, Chicago’s northernmost, that defies generalization because it can be so many things. Its accessibility — the CTA’s Red Line trains make it easy — adds to its attractiveness for visitors.

But where to begin? The best way to plan a Rogers Park experience is to break the neighborhood down into themes — and even that won’t be all that easy. Overlap happens.

The Arts

Leave the ‘L’ at the Morse Avenue Station, take a few steps west (In Chicago, Lake Michigan is always east) and just past the viaduct, looking very much like a clean alleyway, is Glenwood Avenue and the Glenwood Avenue Arts District. For several blocks between Lunt and Farwell Avenues, Glenwood is lined with taverns, galleries (on both sides of the ‘L’ tracks), cafes (the Heartland is a fixture) and live theaters (Lifeline, Boho, Theo Ubique).

On summer Sundays, a farmer’s market spills over onto Morse Avenue. The district’s annual Arts Fest (held the third weekend in August) is a big deal.


If you’re into ethnic eats, Howard Street, right off the ‘L’ station of the same name, would be a place start. Howard itself is going through the latest in a series of transitions, but the strip, at one time known as a destination for Caribbean food, still offers two favorites: Tickie’s Belizean Restaurant (just off Howard on Paulina Avenue) and Jamaica Jerk, on Howard a block east of the ‘L.’

Once you find Jamaica Jerk (instead of the usual jerk chicken, this time try the saltfish and bammy), take a few steps east and step back. The first thing you see is the P.J. Footwear store — but look up: That big arch, and the frames on the sides of the store, are what’s left of the Howard Theatre, a classic movie house remembered by Rogers Park veterans as the theater with a round interior. All that’s left is the facade. (Other Rogers Park movie palaces, the Norshore, down the street on Howard, and the magnificent Granada on Sheridan Road near Devon Avenue, are gone, without a trace.)

The food tour continues down Clark Street, on the other side of the ‘L’ station. Four blocks south, where Clark meets Touhy Avenue, is Romanian Kosher Sausage Company. It’s mainly a store — but have a sandwich and take home a salami.

Now, in the mile from Touhy to Devon are no fewer than 10 Mexican restaurants, from simple taquerias to seafood places (Las Islas Marias, Clark at Wallen Avenue) to neighborhood institutions like La Choza (7022 N. Clark St.), which relocated here after decades near Paulina and Howard.

And for variety but still with Latin flair, there’s El Cuscatleco (Salvadoran; Clark near Estes Avenue) and Taste of Peru (Peruvian, of course, with music on weekends; Clark near Arthur Ave.)


Act One Pub

  • American (New)

Chicago’s North Side Gastropub offers a delicious menu of new American cuisine in a casual, intimate setting. Enjoy live music in the Pub every Tuesday. Its location in the Mayne Stage theater building makes this the perfect choice for pre-show dining.

1330 W. Morse Ave. | 773.l381.4550

Buffalo Joe’s

  • Chicken Wings

Buffalo Joe’s is self-proclaimed, “North Side’s best wings.” Stop in for some delicious wings, perfect for a quick snack for one or party platter for twenty. Great for game days and get-togethers of all kinds.

1841 W. Howard St. | 773.764.7300

Cuscatleco 2

  • Latin American

One thing that’s agreed on at Cuscatleco 2 that they make pupusas, an El Salvadoran specialty consisting of fried tortillas stuffed with meats, cheeses, veggies and/or beans, very well.

7109 N. Clark St. | 773.465.9338

Deta’s Café

  • Mediterranean

Named after its energetic proprietor, Deta’s feels like a home kitchen turning out Montenegran delights.

7555 N. Ridge Blvd. | 773.973.1505

Heartland Café

  • American (New)

Part restaurant, part bar/live music venue, Heartland is an organic café restaurant with a rooftop garden that supplies food for some of its menu. The café also has a lovely gift shop full of fun nick-nacks, handmade goods, and small selection of grocery items.

7000 N. Glenwood Ave. | 773.465.8005

Hello Sushi Bar and Thai Cuisine

  • Sushi Bars

A relatively new, relaxing and warm Asian cuisine experience, complete with all your favorite sushi and Thai specialties, and BYOB.

1553 W. Devon Ave. | 773.942.6734

Hop Haus

  • American (Traditional)

The Hop Haus has 20 different kinds of burgers and nearly 32 different beers! They serve traditional gourmet steak burgers with delicious & inventive toppings, while helping you pair your meal with a great glass of wine or cold craft beer.

7545 N. Clark St. | 773.262.3783

Jamaica Jerk

  • Caribbean

This restaurant serves delicious Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine in a wonderful tropical atmosphere. Their food is made from scratch with only top quality ingredients, including spices, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Whether you are in the mood for jerk chicken or oxtail and beans, their food is sure to make your mouth water for more!

1631 W. Howard St. | 773.764.1546

La Choza

  • Mexican

One of the many neighborhood taquerias along Clark St, La Choza stands out for having a great variety of tacos and other Mexican favorites all in a comfortable, casual environment.

7022 N. Clark St. | 773.465.2162

Masouleh Restaurant

  • Persian / Iranian

Masouleh Restaurant, operated by a husband and wife team and named after a small town in Iran, this Persian restaurant features inexpensive home-style cooking that is truly authentic.

6653 N. Clark St. | 773.262.2227


  • Bar

Morseland is a restaurant, bar, and music venue all in one. Here you will find great food in a cozy room, accompanied by talented musicians, flavored with a world class bar, and topped off with genuine, friendly service. Accessibility limitations. Please contact site for more information.

1218 W. Morse Ave. | 773.764.8900

Noon Hour Grill

  • Korean

Situated neatly on Glenwood Avenue and in the Heart of Rogers Park, Noon Hour is a local combination of Korean and American breakfast cuisine.

6930 N. Glenwood Ave. | 773.338.9494

Rocky’s Tacos

  • Mexican

One of the more enticing Latin American restaurants along Clark, Rocky’s Tacos has the self proclaimed “Best Mexican sandwiches in Chicago.”

7043 N. Clark St. | 773.274.4555

Romanian Kosher Sausage Co.

  • Delis

A favorite neighborhood deli, they are well known for having great kosher meats, from sausages and hot dogs to corned beef and pastrami.

7200 N. Clark St. | 773.761.4141

Royal Coffee

  • Ethiopian

Royal Coffee serves pure Ethiopian coffee, grown in one of the richest coffee growing areas in Ethiopia. The beans are sun dried by Ethiopian farmers then imported directly to the Royal Coffee Headquarters in Chicago. They also serves breakfast, pastries, and Ethiopian dishes.

6764 N. Sheridan Rd. | 773.761.8100

Sahara Kabob

  • Middle Eastern

Sahara Kabob is a Middle Eastern restaurant that throws an Assyrian twist on your typical recipes. Everything is made fresh, and make sure to try out their homemade soups. Accessibility limitations. Please contact site for more information.

6649 N. Clark St. | 773.262.2000

Stella Espresso Co.

  • Food Retail: Coffee & Tea

A medium sized coffee house on Devon, Stella Espresso Co. has a relaxing vibe. A favorite hangout of area college students, it is a great place to people-watch while enjoying a delicious scone.

1259 W. Devon Ave. | 773.338.2005

Taste of Peru

  • Other

Serving authentic Peruvian dishes, Taste of Peru was featured on Check, Please! and Hungry Hound. Most notable, its Seafood Paella was chosen by Chicago Magazine as one of the best 124 dishes in the city. Taste of Peru is hailed by many as the “best kept secret” in Chicago.

6545 N. Clark St. | 773.381.4540

The Common Cup

  • Dining

The Common Cup is a convenient stop near the Morse Red Line station serving locally roasted coffee, organic teas and snacks, with friendly service and plenty of seating.

1501 W. Morse Ave. | 773.338.0256

The Glenwood

  • Bar

The Glenwood is a great neighborhood bar with an artistic bend and evolved community spirit. It is frequented by local artists from the Glenwood Avenue Arts District and Loyola students.

6962 N. Glenwood Ave. | 773.764.7363

Tickie’s Belizean Cuisine

  • Brazilian

Tickie’s offers large portions of authentic Belizean cuisine–claimed to cure hangovers–for incredible prices. Try the fried plantains and rice or the stew chicken, you will not be disappointed.

7605 N. Paulina St. | 773.973.3919

Uncommon Ground

  • American (Traditional)

Uncommon Ground specializes in organic and locally grown and bought ingredients. This Green friendly restaurant even has a rooftop garden where they grown their own produce and herbs. From the coffee to cocktails, brunch to dinner, Uncommon Ground is sure to please everyone’s palates!

1401 W. Devon Ave. | 773.465.9801


Architecture is a bit more scattered. The star is the Emil Bach House (1915), a Frank Lloyd Wright design at 7415 N. Sheridan Road that looks exactly like a Frank Lloyd Wright design. But if you meander the residential streets west of the Glenwood Avenue Arts District, you’ll see (among the apartment buildings) fine old homes, many in Prairie Style.

Historic churches abound as well. St. Jerome Catholic Church, on Lunt west of Ashland Avenue, dates to 1894. Even older, the cornerstone for nearby St. Paul’s by the Lake (Episcopal-Anglican, at 7100 N. Ashland Ave.) was laid in 1886. Both can be viewed during services; at other times, call ahead.

For the collegiates among you, there’s the campus of Loyola University, on Devon near Sheridan Road. The nation’s largest Jesuit Catholic university (enrollment: about 16,000 on three Chicago campuses and a fourth in Rome), the Lake Shore Campus was founded in 1909, and much new construction hasn’t quite overwhelmed the traditional ones.

Though a significant number of students are commuters (the Loyola ‘L’ station is, obviously, right there), the area has its share of burger, pizza and low-cost Asian restaurants, along with some post-study hangouts (notably Hamilton’s, on Sheridan just south of Devon in the Edgewater neighborhood) typical of the breed. And there is Uncommon Ground, the new Devon Avenue sibling of the Wrigleyville original, which is either a bar with coffee or a coffee place with liquor — and a full menu, plus live music.


Beginning at North Shore Avenue (and north), several east-west streets that intersect with Sheridan Road dead-end on Lake Michigan’s sandy beaches. Access is no problem, and Red Line ‘L’ stops at Loyola, Morse and Jarvis drop visitors off a short walk away.

Which beaches are “best”? For locals, that depends on where parents first took them as kids or where they hung out in high school — but in an area where parking can be an issue (be alert for signs designating time restrictions), Loyola Beach, with a sizable parking lot, is a good option for drivers.

Fair warning: Lake Michigan beaches open each year on Memorial Day, but the water doesn’t really feel warm before late July.

One more warning: After too much time at the beach, you risk forgetting you’re in a big, great city. With so much to do at night in Rogers Park — all that theater and those good eats — that’s something you just don’t want to do.


B1E Gallery

  • Art & Architecture

B1E is a notable art gallery in Glenwood Avenue Arts District. They have a very vibrant “sculpture garden” you can view on Glenwood Avenue.

Free Admission | 6902 N. Glenwood Ave. | 847.987.8316

Bach House

  • Historical Landmarks

The Bach House, designed for Emil Bach, co-owner of the Bach Brick Company in 1915, is one of the last of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs for a small urban house. The inward orientation of the house–with its entrance virtually hidden from Sheridan Road–ensures the privacy of its residents and reflects Wright’s ideas for the importance of family life.

Free Admission | 7415 N. Sheridan Rd.

Bohemian Theatre Ensemble

  • Theater & Dance

Bohemian Theatre Ensemble, or BoHo, began in Fall of 2003 with the goal of creating theatre that incorporates the arts as a whole, and is based on the Bohemian principles of truth, beauty, freedom, and love. Since their founding they have produced a variety of shows, for which they have won several After Dark and Jeff Awards. BoHo generally has four to five shows per season, typically running Thursday through Sunday. Accessibility limitations. Please contact site for more information.

7016 N. Glenwood Ave. | 773.791.2393 (Administrative Office)

Burr Tillstrom Tribute Marker

  • Historical Landmarks

The puppetier, Burr Tillstrom (1917-1985), created the early children’s television show “Kukla, Fran and Ollie,” enjoyed by millions. Tillstrom lived at this location in 1947 when the famous show was created. Selected as a Chicago Tribute Marker of Distinction.

Free Admission | 1407 W. Sherwin Ave.

Chicago Tribute Markers of Distinction

  • Other Attractions

Chicago Tribute Markers of Distinction commemorate notable Chicagoans by marking the places where they lived or worked. Since the program started in 1997, eighty markers have been placed across the city. This number will be increased to 100 markers placed by the end of 2009.

Free Admission | 78 E. Washington St. | 312.744.6630

ISKCON Chicago

  • Religious locations

Serving the Hindu population of Rogers Park, ISKCON Chicago is a beautiful, full community service temple dedicated to Hindu God, Krishna.

Free Admission | 1716 W. Lunt Ave. | 773.973.0900

Indian Boundary Park & Cultural Center

  • Art & Architecture,
  • Cultural Centers,
  • Parks & Gardens

Tucked away in the West Ridge neighborhood sits a community treasure—Indian Boundary Park and Cultural Center; a quaint Tudor-style field house filled with cultural happenings.

Free Admission | 2500 W. Lunt Ave | 773-764-0338

Lifeline Theatre

  • Theater & Dance

Lifeline Theatre specializes in original literary adaptations. Its ensemble of artists uses imaginative, unconventional staging to portray sprawling stories in an intimate space. Lifeline is committed to promoting the arts in its Rogers Park neighborhood and is an anchor of the Glenwood Avenue Arts District.

6912 N. Glenwood Ave. | 773.761.4477

Loyola Beach

  • Beaches & Pools,
  • Popular Attractions,
  • Sports & Recreation

Loyola Beach is a large, expansive beach which offers plenty of available room and nice sights of the distant city skyline.

Free Admission | 1230 W. Greenleaf Ave. | 773-262-8605

Loyola University

  • Universities & Colleges

Founded in 1870 as St. Ignacius College, Loyala University is the largest Jesuit Catholic university in the country. Their main campus on the lakefront is home to many notable buildings such as the Madonna della Strada chapel and the Mundelein Center.

Free Admission | 1032 W. Sheridan Rd. | 773.274.3000

Mess Hall

  • Cultural Centers

Mess Hall is an experimental cultural center, where visual art, radical politics and creative urban planning intersect.

Free Admission | 6932 N. Glenwood Ave.

Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Museum

  • Museums & Zoos

Relive Rogers Park’s glorious past through a photo exhibit focusing on everyday life, landmarks, and local leaders.

Free Admission | 7344 N. Western Ave. | 773.764.4079

St. Jerome Catholic Church

  • Religious locations

Built in 1894, St. Jerome Catholic Church is a beautiful church that can be viewed during services or by appointment. Until the 1960s mass was in Latin, but now they have services in both English and Spanish.

Free Admission | 1709 W. Lunt Ave. | 773.262.3170

St. Paul ‘s Church by-the-Lake

  • Religious locations

In the neighborhood since 1882, St. Paul’s Church by the Lake is an Episcopal/Anglican Church. The cornerstone for the current building was laid in 1886. The present rectory was acquired in 1910, and is one of the oldest houses in Rogers Park. On Sundays at 1 pm they offer a Sudanese service in the Dinka language. Accessibility limitations. Please contact site for more information.

Free Admission | 7100 N. Ashland Blvd. | 773.764.6514

The Howard Theater

  • Historical Landmarks

The Howard Theater, built in 1917 by Henry Newhouse who also built the Metropolitan and the Atlantic Theaters, provides its remaining neo-classical façade that can be viewed from the street.

Free Admission | 1621 N. Howard St.

The Kathleen Mullady Memorial Theatre

  • Theater & Dance

The Loyola University Theatre includes two stages: The Kathleen Mullady Memorial Theatre, a 297-seat proscenium style theater home to the Department of Theatre’s main performance venue; and The Studio Theatre, an intimate flexible seating, black-box performance space.

1125 W. Loyola Ave. | 773.508.3847

The Lira Ensemble

  • Theater & Dance

The Lira Ensemble is the nation’s only professional performing arts company specializing in Polish music, song, and dance. The Ensemble’s five performing groups present the music of Poland, sung in the original language, and Polish folk and court dances, with narratives in English, so that all audiences can fully enjoy the presentations.

6525 N. Sheridan Rd. | 773.508.7040

The New 400 Theaters

  • Theater & Dance

The New 400 Theaters, no ordinary movie theater, shows first run films at discount prices. Their aim is to not only bring entertainment to the community, but to become involved and be a part of the community.

6746 N. Sheridan Rd. | 773.856.5980

The Side Project Theatre Company

  • Theater & Dance

The Side Project Theatre Company is an intimate theater company dedicated to new work and explorations of known works that address humanity’s vulnerability.

1439 W. Jarvis Ave. | 773.973.2150

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre

  • Theater & Dance

Cabaret Theatre represents a theatrical format where audience and performers connect in an intimate, interactive experience. The moment the audience enters the door, they are immediately part of the cabaret theatre environment. Accessibility limitations. Please contact site for more information.

6970 N. Glenwood Ave. | 773.347.1109

Touhy Park

  • Parks & Gardens

A 6.35 acre park with tennis courts and softball fields. Nature based programs such as the children’s harvest garden are popular at the park. For those of you with a green thumb we invite you come out to the park and get involved in the community garden.

Free Admission | 7348 N. Paulina St. | 773.262.6737


Armadillo’s Pillow

  • Bookstores

Armadillo’s Pillow offers common, uncommon, used, and hard to find books, as well as a discount shelf outside the storefront. Accessibility limitations. Please contact site for more information.

6753 N. Sheridan Rd. | 773.761.2558

Chicago Waldorf Four Seasons Shop

  • Toy Store

Associated with the Chicago Waldorf School, this small shop offers handmade, natural products and books for children and parents.

1315 W. Loyola Ave. | 773.828.8800

Flatts & Sharpe Music Company

  • Musical Instruments and Teachers

For 30 years Flatts & Sharpe Music Company has supplied the musical needs of the neighborhood. They offer a full retail selection of instruments, one of the best music book collections in the city, and affordable in-store lessons.

6749 N. Sheridan Rd. | 773.465.5233

Lost Eras

  • Retail, Vintage & Consignment

Lost Eras is an unbelievable two floor, 15,000 square feet showroom, full of wares from the past and future. You can find anything from old transistor radios to Big Bird costumes. It is very easy to find yourself lost in this nostalgia haven. Accessibility limitations. Please contact site for more information.

1511 W. Howard St. | 773.764.7400

Unan Imports

  • Arts & Crafts

A family run business since 1990, Unan Imports offers a huge selection of medium to high-end hand crafted African art and artifacts, including: masks, paintings, musical instruments, and more .

6971 N. Sheridan Rd. | 773.274.4022


Out and Proud: LGBT Chicago

  • Bus,
  • Walking

Chicago is home to one of the most vibrant gay and lesbian communities in the country. Explore the heart of the city’s LGBT community, Boystown, and its lively offshoot, Andersonville, with Chicago Neighborhood Tours, and discover other LGBT-oriented neighborhood attractions.

77 E. Randolph St. | 312.742.1190 (TTY: 312.744.2947)


Celebrate Clark Street Festival

  • Neighborhood Festivals

Celebrate The World At The 2012 Clark Street Festival! Delight your senses! From contagious rhythms that make you dance to the rich flavors of unique treats from around the world, there’s something for everyone at the 7th annual Clark Street Festival.

Free Admission | 6950 N. Clark St. | 773.508.5885

Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest

  • Art Exhibitions & Events,
  • Kid and Family Events,
  • Music,
  • Neighborhood Festivals,
  • Special Events & Festivals

The Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest (GAAF) is a free, weekend long street fair that features 100 artists and live entertainment on three outdoor stages.

Free Admission | 6900 N. Glenwood Ave. | 773.761.4477

Glenwood Sunday Market

  • Culinary Events,
  • Farmers Markets

This Rogers Park farmers market strives to be one the greenest market in the City of Chicago, featuring organic and sustainably locally grown produce.

Free Admission | 6900 N. Glenwood Ave

India Independence Day Parade

  • Kid and Family Events,
  • Parades

The India Independence Day Parade is a lively celebration of Indian independence on Devon Avenue in Rogers Park.

Free Admission | 2400 W. Devon Ave. | 773.802.4188

Pakistan Independence Day Parade

  • Kid and Family Events,
  • Parades

The Pakistan Independence Day Parade will take place on September 2nd at 12:30pm.

Free Admission | Devon Ave. & Ridge Blvd.

Location & Area

  • North Boundary: 7600 N Howard
  • South Boundary: 6400 N Devon
  • East Boundary: ~800 W Lake Michigan
  • West Boundary: 3200 W Kedzie
  • Primary Zip Code: 60626

Current Trends and Facts of Rogers Park Chicago

With more affordable housing, Rogers Parks’ residents can gain a similar lifestyle of Near North Residents with locations near Lake Shore Drive.

With eight beautiful beaches in Rogers Park, Lake Michigan is always just a few blocks away with many recreational activities, such as swimming, boating, fishing, walking and relaxing as well as small parks along the lake, which is ideal for its many growing families. Rogers Park neighborhood offers many wonderful shops and restaurants influenced by a wonderful diversity of cultures. The community also supports many art and coffee houses, especially along on Sheridan Road.