Chicago summer events, it’s party time!

Ahhh! Chicago summer events, as summer rolls around Chicagoans, and guests get ready to make new memories. Each event or festival is such an incredible time! No matter what event you choose the city puts its best foot forward. Chicago loves to have a good time, and in the summer the weather is warm, okay it’s hot, and everyone wants to be outside enjoying the summer.

Note: If this is your first time to Chicago take just know that it can get up to 100 degrees at times and can have humidity that can hover in the 80s to 90s sometimes. So bring all the summer gear, sunscreen, shorts tank tops, sandals, etc., don’t forget to bring a jacket for those summer rains, it can get a bit chilly in a rainstorm. Oh, and don’t forget your camera, there are some sites you’ll really want to save for later!


There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry I’ll help you find the best ones just for you. These festivals are all so full of energy and excitement that there will be millions of happy people at each of these Chicago summer events. So be sure to pick your favorite ones and you can’t go wrong. They are loved by many around the world, millions look forward to them each year. So get ready to smile, laugh and have a GREAT time, ensuring an exciting Chicago vacation!

I’ll list them by category to make sure you have an easy time choosing between the Chicago summer events available. First, let’s take a look at the music scene.


One thing to keep in mind, just because an event is categorized in one area or another, most will involved exquisite food, and music. Chicago loves both dearly. So expect to have your taste buds tantalized and your ears pleased. Bring your appetite, you’ll really need it! Oh, I love these they are SOOO much FUN!!! Now not all of the Chicago summer events have a dedicated website but you can call for information.

June Jam

This family-friendly event brings all the festivities together in Roscoe village Just west of Wrigleyville. Enjoy live music, entertainment and lots of kid activities, and excellent food. 773-665-4682 Dates generally the first week in June.

Mid Sommar festival

This highly anticipated summer festival is on Clark Street and has great entertainment if you’re not feeling what you’re seeing on one stage check out another, there are four all together at this thrilling event. There are lots of fun family activities the kid’s love, and Artisans showing off their fine wares. Dates: typically the second week in June.

Soul Music Festival

Experience the soul of Chicago’s musical history here. Of all the Chicago summer events this one entrenches you in the Soul behind national and international influences on how this music from Chicago grew and changed giving it the music its own place on the world stage. Generally, this festival is the first week in September.

Chicago Folk & Roots Festival

Don’t let the name fool you this festival is about much more than Folk Music, there is something for everyone here, including the kids. This is about getting back to the roots of music for Chicagoans. This festival is also in the second week in July.

Blues Festival

Okay you thought four stages was great for variety, how about six? The list of amazing Chicago summer events takes this one to another level. Chicago Blues festival is one of the largest Blues Festivals in the world. And guess what it’s FREE; dates generally the second week in June.

Summer festival

Lots of music, food, plus this fantastic festival has a great art show, dates, typically the third week in June. Check it out.

Gospel Music festival

All gospel music lovers must see this in particular of all Chicago summer events, it can have up to 90 performers from around the world!! Get ready to be moved. Dates are generally the first week in June.

Chicago Country Music festival

Country music fans get all of your friends together and make sure not to miss the Chicago Country music festival. This summer event is later in the summer, generally the third week of September, but definitely something you won’t want to miss!

Grant Park Music festival

Classical Music fans here’s a festival for your ears, enjoy both orchestral music and choral music in Grant Park also known as Millennium park this program runs all summer long so be sure to check Chicago summer events calendar to align with your plans

Rock N Roll fans this is your festival, come see a fantastic festival with a lineup of artists eager to tantalize your ears and help you rock out. The date is generally the first week in August.

Rock around the block

A music festival for Rockers, if that’s you this was designed with you in mind. What can be better than your favorite bands, and food? Dates for this one are generally the second week of July.

Retro on Roscoe

Okay so you love the antique car culture such as in Southern California, but can’t quite make it out to the events there. Well now you don’t have to you can have your cake and eat it too literally. Of all the Chicago summer events this will by far be your favorite. There are food and live music, on several stages all to really set the tone for you to enjoy all your favorites!! Plan to be in Chicago the first week of August.

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