Chicago architecture, simply mesmerizing!

Chicago architecture

One of the most distinct characteristics of Chicago is the city-scape of beautiful buildings. These buildings are at the heart of the beauty of the city. The ironic thing was that the decision to have beautiful buildings actually came about after the Chicago Fire of 1871, with the legendary story of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. The funny thing now is that the reality of this legend is proving to be just that a legend.

But by having the majority of all the buildings wiped out in the fire, Chicago began exploring different structures other than wood to build the city on such as steel. The major exception to the buildings which were consumed in the fire is the famous Water Tower Place. This Chicago architecture landmark still stands today and it’s a beautiful inspiration for the other architectural art buildings which gives Chicago distinction in the Architecture community.

These buildings are eye-popping and beautiful. There are so many more than can be displayed on a single web page. If you appreciate gorgeous architecture definitely take one of the Chicago Architecture Tours. They’ll give you a new appreciation for all of the artistic talent and scientific structure that goes into these amazing buildings.

Chicago rebuilt itself after the fire with structural steel and plate glass and has been influenced by many famous architectural pioneers who took Chicago in this direction through their work within the Chicago School. Their forethought is what led to some of the first modern skyscrapers dating back from the 1880s and 1890s.

Here are a list of some of these famous architects and what they contributed to Chicago architecture:

• William LeBaron Jenney built Chicago’s home insurance building.
• John Wellborn Root Sr. and Daniel Burnham designed the Montauk Building
• Louis Sullivan influence the philosophy of architect influencing the design and enhancement of skyscrapers
• Frank Lloyd Wright had a school Prairie School had an influence on both the exterior and interior of a building
• Falzlur Kahn influenced the structure of buildings by introducing a framed tube structure. This influenced his design of buildings like the John Hancock

This is a brief list of architects who’ve helped sculpt and create so many of the fantastically amazing buildings we see today.

I particularly like Frank Lloyd Wrights’s work which is all over Chicago especially in the houses that you see around Chicagoland. His art is so unique and inspiring. In my opinion, he really gave the Chicago architecture a real uniqueness and individuality which defines it and truly helps to set this aspect of Chicago apart from other cities I’ve been to.

His art has such individuality and uniqueness and it can seem to draw you in. I’ve found myself mesmerized by the buildings and how many intricate details went into each aspect of the building both internally and externally. This uniqueness is one of the things that defines Chicago for me. It’s a place that is so exquisite, there is so much individuality wrapped up in how they approach so many things that you can even see it in their architecture.

It’s truly awe-inspiring so see these amazing creations out of the cityscape of a big city. I’ve been several cities that have a few architectural and inspirational buildings scattered throughout the city here and there but not quite as many as you’d find in Chicago. It looks the city was designed for inspiration and uses this to give it an individuality from the core through the structure of the city rather than as an afterthought scattered around the city to add a bit of flavor.

Architecture Foundation: When you’re in Chicago one of the best places for architecture fans to visit is the Architecture Foundation, here you can take any type of a variety of tours to see Chicago architecture.

Several types of tours are available for your choosing:

  • Boat
  • Bus
  • Walking
  • Youth &
  • Group

I love boat tours, these are probably my favorite. There is nothing quite like being out on the lake or taking a boat down the Chicago river.

Plus you can watch a lecture or take a class and learn more about architecture, they have lots of options for families and teens encouraging exploration with architecture and how it’s impacted Chicago. There is emphasis to use the imagination and dream of new metropolitan areas. Plus some of the exhibits are free; this is a great activity for you and a friend, kids, families, or a group.

Chicago architecture foundation

Chicago architecture foundation is an amazing institution. This fantastic foundation helps visitors, and Chicagoans like to really appreciate the simply phenomenal architecture that defines Chicago.

Chicago is one of the most amazing cities to see for stunning architecture, each building was created with the utmost care for displaying absolutely jaw-dropping architecture. From the fantastic overview of this beautiful city to the individual streets, and buildings, Chicago has some simply impressive architecture.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that it’s hard to take a bad picture of Chicago. She has such distinct characteristics from almost any angle it’s impressive.

The Chicago architecture foundation is a foundation that helps Chicagoans and visitors alike understand more about the structure and beauty of Chicago and its architecture. This organization works hard to help everyone appreciate and enjoy exactly what went into the creation of the city, and what makes it so unique.

This is a great place to bring friends, and family as they have displays and exhibits for everyone:

Tours: One of my favorite way to understand and appreciate the beauty of this architecture is to take a tour, and for architecture tours, there is no better place to see this than a tour here.

Day Classes: If you’re interested in taking a closer look to uncover just exactly how these buildings are constructed there are classes you can take where you can see exactly how to create a building.

Kids Fun: Kids can help create buildings, hear stories about the buildings, and take tours of the city designed just for them. Bring a group of kids or just a couple, either way you can find a special program just for them.

Exhibits: uncover the planning and people who made this fantastic city what it is today.

Special Events: The Architecture Foundation has several events each year to build appreciation and promote the preservation of the architecture, these typically includes a dinner cruise, and recognition of various individuals who work hard to preserve the fantastic architecture in Chicago.

Another thing I really like is that they’ll even offer tours so that you can see what parts of Chicago are being used for a movie. Sometimes they’ll take you on a tour right where the movie is taking place! Explore more about the amazing Chicago Architecture Foundation


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