Things To Do In Chicago For A Bachelorette Party

Are you looking for cool ideas for a bachelorette party in Chicago? You’ve come to the right page! We decided on Chicago for a couple of reasons. Flights weren’t ridiculously expensive, two nights was a perfect length of time, and all of the girls lived in the Midwest (except for the bride). Two of the girls actually lived in Chicago which was great because we just stayed with them and it saved all of us money.

Chicago Things To Do For A Bachelorette Party

Some girls flew in from Chicago O Hare and others from Midway. The house we were meeting at was in Wicker Park – if you are arriving by way of O Hare check out the train as your transportation into Chicago. We came by way of Midway so we split an Uber. It makes it a lot easier and cheaper when traveling from place to place if you split Uber’s between everyone! Get everyone’s numbers and send those splits!

Welcome cocktails/champagne and snacks

This was such a fun first activity since it allowed everyone to arrive at their own time on Friday from various parts of the country, and meet each other. We each had our own champagne flute with our names on it!

Lingerie shower

Have each girl bring a lingerie set and the bride has to choose who it was from! This activity was super fun!

Dinner in Wicker Park

The first place we went to was super packed because the Cav’s game was on and didn’t take reservations so we ended up at Northside! I will list some other great restaurant ideas at the end of this post!

Prepare yourself for a hangover and head to Lost Lake

This is a tiki bar on the border of Logan Square and Avondale that serves super intricately made tiki cocktails with lots of fun umbrellas and are presented in outrageous jars! You and your squad can share a cocktail bowl or order a drink of your own. The American-Chinese restaurant next door delivers food right to your table! Since travel days can be exhausting we went home after this so we could wake up at a decent hour the next morning for brunch!

Brunch at Parlor Pizza Bar

This place had such an amazing brunch menu and an insane bloody mary bar. I got a coffee drink made with whiskey cream that was fantastic! We got here at 10:30 AM and it was a rainy day so not many people were here but if you go at a later time it may get more crazy.

Fill in the blank

Hand everyone a card and see if they can answer 25 questions about the bride-to-be! Have mimosas ready!

Shop in Chi-Town

Some of the group split up and some of us went to check out some cute boutiques and shops in Wicker Park! Another fun idea could be to check out the 3 Arts Club Cafe in Restoration Hardware. We had plans of going to the Chicago beach this day but it ended up being rainy so we used this time to shop instead.

Dinner at 90 Miles Cuban

I had never eaten at a Cuban restaurant before and the menu was different in a good way! I ended up getting a basic chicken sandwich and tried not to eat too much so I wouldn’t be too full for the night of drinking ahead of us. I love that in Chicago restaurants have their own BYOB laws! We brought a bottle of Smirnoff, paid a 5 dollar corking fee, and had them make us two virgin mojito pitchers to mix our vodka with.

Prepare to let loose and laugh a lot at SinZation

There were three bachelorette parties here, and we each paid a 40 dollar cover to get in. Our bride-to-be was chosen for the first act, as a 6 pack ridden wild male dancer tied her up 50 shades of grey style! The 3 performers then come out and dance on the rest of us, all while we awkwardly laugh and throw dollar bills. It was actually a lot more fun than I expected! Some other skits included a police officer, cowboy, and construction worker, so pretty much hit all the bases!

Head to Boystown

We ended our night dancing and drinking at Progress! The drinks were strong and the music was on point! By the end of the night, everyone was pretty tired, and the bride was pretty LIT, so we ended up leaving around midnight for some Velvet Tacos before calling it a night.

Hangover Brunch

Everyone was so dead that we didn’t end up meeting for brunch! The plan was to head to Hampton Social– a cute, nautical spot that literally makes you feel like you’re on the East Coast. Below are some awesome rooftop bars, accommodation options and fun ideas for you to plan out your bachelorette party! There is so much to do in Chicago the options are endless.

More Bachelorette Ideas In Chicago:

  • Head to Polish and Pour where you can book a private party room with its very own outdoor patio and bar and get manicures/pedicures while sipping on some bubbly, vino, and martinis!
  • Go to a psychic and do a reading with tarot cards
  • Tour the City on bicycles
  • Snag a rosé snow cone at Expat on Green
  • Rent your own Chicago Bachelorette party boat and set sail for the “playpen”, where all the other boats link up for a massive day party filled with sun, music & rose! – check out COAST Chicago
  • Get braids, blowouts & manis at BLOWOUT

Best Bars For Bachelorette Parties In Chicago:

Half Acre

If you ladies love a good brew, Half Acre is a solid option, whether you would like to sample some brews or take a tour. On Saturdays, you can take a tour and sampling for only $10 dollars (cash only)! Make sure you check their calendar, because they host lots of fun events during the summer, like a barbeque series.


I was sold on this newly opened hot spot because of the tableside Moscow Mule service. The vibes are good, and they open the roof to the beautiful night sky so you are your girls can dance the night away!

ROOF on theWit

If you’re looking for 360-degree views of the city, head to ROOF on theWit. THis bar is 27 stories up, and has plenty of room to jam to live DJ’s! Outside on the patio the roof retracts and you can soak in the stunning views of Chi town.


If you are looking for a chic way to end the night, head to the InterContinental on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. This trendy hotel is also home to a chic wine tasting room where your babes can sip on wine flights and try chocolates and cheeses from around the world, all hand-chosen by the tasting room’s master sommelier.

Best Hotels In Chicago For A Bachelorette Party

  • Loews Hotel
  • Hotel Lincoln
  • The Thompson
  • London House
  • Air BnB

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