Chicago Bike Tours

Are you ready to ride around Chicago? Hop on a Chicago bike tour and start cycling around the city! You are sure to have a great time on any of the Chicago bike tours you choose to attend. Grab a bike and go. Listed below are some of the most popular Chicago bike and Vespa (motor scooter) tours offered. Some supply both the bicycle and your helmet. You can get a close-up view of Chicago’s great attractions and neighborhoods.

Attempting to figure out a fun activity to do while in Chicago? Try renting bikes or Vespas and go sightseeing on your own! You’ll also have the option of booking a bike tour of Chicago. Enjoy the bike tours Chicago has to offer when spending time in the Windy City.
  • Bike Rentals: With a variety of bike rental locations including Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Riverwalk, and Foster Beach. Enjoy being able to grab your bike of choice, be it mountain, comfort, or trek along with any accessories you may need such as baskets and buggies for children. When renting bikes, you’ll also have the opportunity to book a Chicago bike tour that leaves from Navy Pier or Millennium Park. Chicago bike tours allow you to get out into the city in a way that driving in a car won’t let you. In other words, you’ll be able to see a bunch of smaller local sights in addition to the main attractions! Go ahead and book your Chicago bike tour today!
  • Vespa Rentals: What better way to tour Chicago than by driving around the city yourself. As long as you have a valid driver’s license and are over the age of 18, you will be good to go. Hop on one of these fun rides and enjoy riding around the city on your own personal Chicago bike tour. Along with other Chicago bike tours renting a Vespa is sure to save you time, money on gas, and parking. Have a ball on one of these scooters!

Bike and Roll

There’s no better way to explore Chicago than hopping aboard a bicycle and pedaling from place to place! Rent a bike by the hour or for the day, and secure your ride. Bike and Roll offer Chicago bike tours, including the Friendly Neighborhoods Tour, the Amazing Lakefront Tour, and the Sites @ Nite Tour, which includes a boat ride. For more information, check the website, call 773-327-2706.

Bike Chicago Rentals & Tours

Navy Pier, North Ave. Beach, Millennium Park

Bike Chicago offers bicycle rentals and guided bicycle tours They have the largest bike rental fleet in town, with over 400 all-new Trek bikes, including mountain, comfort, and road bikes, cruisers, hybrids, tandems, kids’ bikes, accessories, and more. Rental facilities include Navy Pier, Millennium Park, North Avenue Beach, Foster Beach and Riverwalk. The bike tours to choose from are The Amazing Lakefront, Friendly Neighborhoods, Sites@Nite and Spectacular Sculptures. Bike tours depart from Navy Pier or Millennium Park. For reservations and group sales call 312-595-9600. Email

Bikes, Bites & Brews Tour

Working up an appetite won’t be a problem on this tour! We’ll be sampling from each of Chicago’s four favorite food groups – pizza, hot dogs, cupcakes, and beer.

Bobby Chicago’s Bike Hike

Departs 465 N McClurg Court (2 Blocks west of Navy Pier) Phone: 312-915-0995

Looking for something to do with your kids in Chicago? Look no further than Bobby’s Tike Hike: Kid’s Edition. This bike tour is specifically geared towards your kids’ enjoyment. Fun-loving guides escort you through the quiet neighborhoods, city parks, and breathtaking lakefront, explaining Chicago’s history and current events. Bikes and Helmets provided.

Known as one of the most popular Chicago bike tours, Bobby’s Bike Hike departs just 2 blocks West of Navy Pier and takes guests on a whirl-wind cycling tour of Chicago’s great parks, lakefront, and more. This Chicago bike tour has enthusiastic guides who explain the Windy City’s great history. This Chicago bike tour is also family-friendly and includes helmets and bikes. Get your exercise as you tour this incredible city!

Chicago B-Cycle

Chicago B-cycle is the first bike-sharing system in the city of Chicago. They are placing self-service bike rental stations (B-stations) along the Chicago lakefront and loop. Chicago B-cycle members will be able to pick up one of the bikes at any B-station and drop it off at any B-station.

It’s as simple as signing in, grabbing a bike, riding around town, and parking your bike back at ANY B-station. How cool is that? Take your pick of any bike in their collection, tour the city and then bring it back. Enjoy cycling around town and return the bike to the nearest and most convenient of bike stations to you.

Chicago Bike Tour

Enjoy the Chicago Cycling Tour as you pedal through town checking out all the sights, sounds, smells, and great views of the city. You’re sure to have a ball riding around the Windy City

City Lights at Night Bike Tour

Enjoy a leisurely ride through Chicago’s most popular attractions after dark when you participate in the Sunglasses at Night Chicago Bicycle Tour. Great for Chicago travelers that love to stay active.

Lakefront Neighborhood Tour

Tour the Windy City in a different way this time around.  Check out the Chicago Lakefront Neighborhood Bicycle Tour during your trip and enjoy 3 hours riding leisurely through Chicago neighborhoods experiencing a glimpse

McDonald’s Bicycle Station

239 E. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601

The Millennium Park McDonald’s Bicycle Station is a top of the line bicycle commuter facility located on the edge of Millennium Park. MPBS is the only station of its kind in the Midwest. This station allows for free bicycle parking, locker rooms, and bicycle mechanic services. Open year-round, Millennium Park Bicycle Station has bicycle rentals and tours available.

Museums at Sunset Bicycle Tour

See why they all say Chicago is “cooler by the lake.” Watch the sun setting over the world’s most beautiful skyline while cruising through the parks and gardens along the lakefront.

Southside Gangster Bike Tour

Chicago’s seedier side will be unveiled on this ride through the Southside’s most notorious areas, including the old Bridgeport neighborhood. Learn about the history

Windy City Vespa Rental (Motor Scooter)

Chicago, Illinois 60656

Windy City Vespa Rental rents Vespa motor scooters for use in and around the City of Chicago. Vehicles require a standard driver’s license to operate and all drivers must be over the age of 18. With gas prices at a premium and limited parking availability, this mode of transportation is gaining popularity with people of all ages.

Final Word

Don’t forget to check out Vespa rentals too! Just make sure you have a valid driver’s license and are at least 18 years old!

You’ll also have the option of touring Chicago via surry or Segway. Check out the sunset, early bird, and amazing lakefront tours as well.

Enjoy touring Chicago no matter what mode of transportation you take. You are certainly sure to love these and other Chicago bike tours!

Biking is not the only way to tour the city! Check out all the best Chicago tours that are offered, and all the current Chicago tour deals to make everyone more affordable!

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