Chicago blues clubs, rich, soulful and funky

Chicago blues clubs are steeped in history in the Windy City. The culture of blues stared with the great migration north, as did Jazz, although where exactly the blues music started in the north is still a bit of a mystery.

A bit of history

The first recordings of this music were in the early 1920s with several well-known artists, Charles Davenport (Cow Cow) and Alberta Hunter, and Blind Lemon Jefferson, and were recorded by Paramount Records. The history of Chicago Blues has had its ups and downs, the Great Depression took a toll on the Blues community just as it did for every other industry, but the blues came back strong, growing and developing into the 1950s where the style of music brought in the use of rhythm to round out the character of the music and added amplification to enhance the sound quality, recording and development.

The 1960s and beyond have been a more rocky time for the blues, and but it’s continued in the development and growth of this excellent style of moving music. Chicago blues clubs became a place for musicians to come and flourish and still today it’s an amazing place to enjoy fantastic blues music.

Here is a list of several of the Blues clubs in Chicago for you to enjoy:


The name says it all, this popular club gets you moving with this exciting club, where many famous legends from around Chicagoland come to perform. Believe it or not, it’s been so crowded that the instrumentalists has played atop the bar. Great spot for blues 7 nights a week. B.L.U.E.S

Blue Chicago

The spot for great music, and lots of room to move bring your dancing shoes and get ready to move to great music and have a great time in this centrally located Chicago blues clubs. Blue Chicago

House of Blues

Although there is a large variety to the type of music you can see at the House of Blues, this club stays true to it’s roots on the Back Porch where you can enjoy dynamic blues every night. Soul music is accompanied by soul food to make your mouth water. So bring your appetite and get ready to be moved at this famous blues club. Chicago House of Blues

Kingston Mines

A great place to hear Raw blues played consistently the same way for the past forty years. This spot has remained a solid spot over time as things have changed in Chicago. The ribs and music make this a choice spot for many fans to gather and hear local and famous artists. Kingston Mines

Buddy Guy’s Legends

Experience blues at a spot made famous for the variety of celebrity guests and outstanding music, you may see celebrities like Dave Chappelle, John Mayer, enjoying this famous blues club. Buddy Guy’s Legends

Rosa’s Lounge

A welcoming atmosphere full of excellent blues and friendly people. This club prides itself on being a very friendly club where you can hear excellent music and even see the owner tony Magiullo playing on the drum from time to time. A great Blues club with an option for a cruise, what a great way to enjoy an evening, a fantastic boat cruise, soulful music, dinner on a moonlit Lake Michigan. What a fantastic way to spend an evening. Rosa’s Lounge

Chicago blues clubs, can also be found in some great restaurants, so if you’re looking for a great meal surrounded with great music check out these spots for great food and music.

Shaw’s Crab House

Delicious seafood of shrimp, oysters, crabs and more with the backdrop of a great blue to add to an excellent evening of entertainment. Shaw’s Crab House


Head over to Katerina’s for great Greek food and blues, now they do have a variety of music here so you’ll have the opportunity to experience more than just blues, they host jazz and even gypsy music, and theater performances, definitely great experience. Katerina’s

Smoke Daddy

A great Bar B Que Joint which has excellent blues and jazz for your listening pleasure as you enjoy the pulled pork, ribs, sweet potato fries and more. And if you enjoy beer you’ll be happy for the wide selection to tempt your palette. Enjoy free music and dinner in a great neighborhood. Smoke Daddy

I love blues music and when I go out to enjoy this soulful funky music I love a great atmosphere, and this is definitely what you find here with these Chicago blues clubs.

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