Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo, yes you did read right this is a free zoo, its one of the oldest free zoos in the USA. It’s an amazing zoon located off of Lake Shore drive in Chicago so you have the view of the lake close by.

This is a great zoo, visiting is fun all you have to do is walk in and see all of your favorite animals. I’m particularly fond of the monkeys. They’re so funny to watch sometimes! I like how inquisitive they are and just how much they like to play. Lincoln Park Zoo, has an amazing number of animals for being a free zoo. The first time I heard about it I thought it would be this little small zoo with a few animals here and there and perhaps a petting zoo with kids showing off their favorite pets, like goats, ducks, lambs, rabbits etc. Boy was I in for a surprise.

As Lincoln Park continues to evolve into one of the finest zoos worldwide, the one element that will not change is its admission policy: Lincoln Park Zoo stands as one of the last free major cultural institutions in the United States and the only one left in Chicago. The Zoo is open 365 days a year.

In addition to observing all of the wonderful animals, Lincoln Park Zoo features its SBC Endangered Species Carousel ride, paddleboat, and swan boat rides, the LPZOO Express train ride, the 4-D Virtual Safari simulator, and a Safari Audio Tour. Note that there is a small fee for each of these special attractions. The Zoo also offers a variety of dining options and two gift shops.

There are tons of exhibits in each one. I just never knew that there would be a free zoo with so much to offer right in the middle of Chicago.

But Lincoln Park Zoo is a lot of fun! Kids love this one: One thing the kids really like is the Farm in the Zoo, it’s kinda like my idea of a petting zoo but better! Here they can learn how things work on a farm, from milking a cow to seeing how bees make honey, and for extra fun they can even get “hatched: out of an egg!

Camping in the Zoo

Most kids love camping and the Lincoln Park Zoo provides an opportunity to “Sleep under the Skyscrapers” where you can pitch a tent and sleep outside. For details as they change each year check out the site below.

Okay seeing all the animals eating plus all the walking around always gives me a great appetite, and the Lincoln Park Zoo comes through for you with these. I couldn’t these Restaurants justice by just telling you about them you have to see these for yourself.

  • “The Patio at Café Brauer*: Grilled burgers, beer, wine, cocktails, sandwiches, salads and Kids’ Meals.
  • Safari Café*: Tostadas, wings, flautas and ice cream novelties. Café at Wild Things*: Organic fare, including paninis, salads and other green goodies.
  • Eadie Levy’s Landmark Café*: Chicago-style hot dogs, fries and snacks. Park Place Café: Mexican food, Italian fare, burgers, sandwiches, salads, beer, wine and more. Ice cream too!
  • Or check out the delicious Ice Cream Shoppe*: Hand-dipped ice cream, banana splits and sundaes.

So bring the kids your appetite and plan to keep some money in the wallet and head out to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

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