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Chicago best tourist places

Top 10 best tourist places in Chicago

Chicago, also called ” The Windy City”, is located in the state of Illinois in United States Of America. It is the third largest city of USA. Chicago is renowned worldwide for its Skyline which is dotted with numerous sky piercing buildings. Ravaged by “The Great Fire of Chicago” in 1875, it was rebuilt with a sense of awareness. The rebuilt city is a beautiful mixture of modern architecture, spacious parks, Jazz Age monuments and unforgettable food. Chicago is also home to several iconic skyscrapers famed worldwide for there unique style and architectural grandeur. With the moto of the city being ” I Will “, people visiting this city Will definitely enjoy their stay and Will remember the city for the rest of their life.

10) Willis tower

With over a million visitors every year Willis Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chicago. After its completion in 1973, it remained the Worlds Tallest Building for nearly a quarter of a century. Boasting a jaw dropping 110-floors the Willis Tower, often called as Sears Tower, is an architectural wonder. But it is not the unique architecture that attracts visitors to this landmark, it is the terrifying yet awe inspiring view from the Sky Deck.

An all glass box that extends 10 feet from the tower, the Sky box gives tourists a commanding view of Chicago’s skyline. Standing on this glass marvel visitors can see a panoramic view of the city and its neighboring states. Sky Deck is located on the 103rd floor of the tower and can be reached by an elevator which takes about 60 seconds to get the crowds from the ground floor all the way to the Sky Decks floor.So no matter what you are doing in Chicago be sure to check Willis Tower once during you visit. You are sure to make some great memories from it.

9) Field Museum Of Natural History

Field Museum Of Natural History is one of the largest field museums in the world. Built in the 1930’s for the World Fair For Future Generations it is a landmark of modern Chicago. More than a million people visit each year to attend its permanent as well as traveling exhibitions. This iconic museum contains an immaculately preserved collection of 275000 artifacts of ancient and modern era. Its exhibitions like Ancient Egypt and Ancient Americas teach people the history and cultural of the bygone era.

The exhibition on Ancient Egypt features hieroglyphs more than a 1000 years old, mummified remains of people, temples of Egyption Goddesses, and relics of that age. Ancient American Exhibition offers a detailed overlook on the life in North America long before Europeans arrived in these parts. Moreover the skeletons and fossils of prehistoric times give people an opportunity to marvel at the magnificence of creatures that have been extinct for millions of years. Any visit to Chicago is not complete without a visit to this Historical place.

8) Civic Opera House

Civic Opera House of Chicago was envisioned by Samuel Insul in the 20th Century. This opera house is an architects dream. A building so unique and commanding that it was given the nickname of “Insul’s throne”. It is also the performance center for Lyric Opera Of Chicago. Tourists and local people alike enjoy the Opera Houses grand shows. These shows display the cultural heritage of the city.

Apart from the beautiful voices of singers filling the halls, attendees also gaze at the grandeur of the building from inside. With a hall decorated in red and gold, and beautifully upholstered seats and a fine ceiling this Opera House is sure to tickle Romantic minds. Transporting visitors from the 21st century to the Jazz Age the building has acquired numerous applause and honors. It was and still is one of the best places to see on your visit to Chicago.

7) John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center is a 100 story tall mordern skyscraper that was the 2nd tallest building when it was completed in 1963. Designed by a Bangladeshi architect Fazul Rehman it follows the contemporary Expresionist Style. The building contains numerous offices, A slew of restaurants serving delicious food and a residence area of 700 luxurious apartments. The center has the highest swimming pool in the Western Hemisphere at its 95th floor.

Each year visitors flock to this iconic monument of Chicago to observe the city from the 360 degree Observatory that rivals the Sky Deck in the Willis tower. Recently in 2014 a Tilt mechanism was installed that tilted the entire observatory several degrees. This Tilt mechanism makes visitors both frightened and exhilarated when they look down onto the streets. A restaurant located on the 94th floor serves visitors delicious food while also allowing them to marvel at the city.

6) Art institute of Chicago

The Art institute of Chicago is one of the premier institutes of Fine Arts in North America. Boasting a structure designed by legendary architects in Beaux-Arts style it attracts millions of tourists each year. The Institute has its own art gallery that displays the works of Maestros like Pablo Picasso among many others. It has a total of 300,000 pieces of art by pioneres as well as master painters.

Even to this day it is one of the few institutes that hold regular classes for art lovers. Aside from paintings, the gallery also has a fine collections of military artifacts from different eras and it also prides itself of having a dedicated section for photographic art form since its inception in 1839. Making matters more interesting the front door of the gallery is guarded by two bronze lions that stay on guard each and every day. Every art lover owes itself a visit to this marvelous gallery.

5) Chicago River

When you are tired of all the sight seeing and walking in the concrete jungle head to Downtown Chicago to walk on the quite and peaceful promenade of the Chicago River. The river runs through the center of the city and is lined on both sides with beautiful cafes serving visitors with refreshing drinks. When you are ready to dive again in the architectural marvels of the city, take a ferry ride on the river. The ferry ride provides a complete crash course on Chicago’s architecture.

The ferry passes beneath remarkable bridges and is renowned for its calm detour from all the hustle and bustle of the city. The river front has historically been a commercial zone and is still a business district. Tourists can find shopping opportunities while also enjoying the freshness of the cool flowing water nearby. An interesting aspect of this river stems from the fact that the course of the water is not natural but is actually reversed. One thing is certain however no matter how tired you are this part of your journey will surely freshen you up.

4) Buckingham Fountain

Inspired by the ‘Bassin de Latone’ located at Versailles Palace near the French Capital, Buckingham Fountain is a memorial from a sister to her brother. Kate Buckingham had the fountain built in honor of her late brother Clarence that’s why its also known as ‘Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain’. Located in center of Grant Park in Chicago, this fountain is one of the largest in the world. The fountain is 23ft high with several sealion sculptures surrounding its basins.

Seeing it makes us believe that it is a part of European Heritage that has been transported to USA. Main attractions of the fountain include its water jets that shoot out hourly. At Dusk this water show is accompanied by a choreographed display of lights and music. Making the whole scene even more magical is the final spurt of the fountain that shoots a water jet as high as 150ft in the air. Visitors are awe inspired by this display and are reminded that what one persons generosity can accomplish.

3) Shedd Aquarium

Drawing nearly 2 million visitors each year Shedd Aquarium is one of the main attractions of Chicago. The white marbled octagonal building displays a semi-classical approach to design.The aquarium hosts several exhibits in its vacancy including The Caribbean reef,Oceanarium, Amazon Rising and many more. With a total of 20,000 sea creatures of 1500 different species this aquarium inspires a sense of wonder. The Caribbean reef hosts the worlds largest collection of aquatic mammals.

On the other hand the Oceanarium lets visitors sneak a peek into the depths of the Pacific where Whales, Sharks and Dolphins rome free. A diver feeds the animals five times daily and also gives the visitors an overview of the whole aquatic scene. Amazon Rising is the part of the aquarium where the deadly Amazonian creatures like the Piranahs and Snakes can be seen. The major attraction of this wonderland is the Dolphin Show. With plenty of space inside the Oceanarium White Dolphins can be seen speeding and playing joyously. For anyone going to Chicago a visit here is a must.

2) Navy Pier

Navy Pier was the single most biggest pier in the world when it was opened for the public in 1916. Located near the Grant Park it attracts more than 8 million visitors each year. The reason for its popularity includes its area of 50 acres which boasts numerous gardens and parks and several attractions.

There are several Beer gardens, An Auditorium, A Childrens museum, A giant skating rink in winter and 148ft high Ferris wheel. There is also a helium filled balloon called The Navy Pier Aeroballoon. Visitors can hop on this anchored balloon to take in the view of Chicago from an astounding height of 380ft. After its renovation in the 70s, it has become one of the most famous recreational spots in North America.

1) Millennium Park

Chicagos jewel ” The Millennium Park” is considered to be the number one attraction of the city. Spanning over an area of 24 hectares this ultra mordern park was designed to celebrate the new Millennia. The park has several attractions to its name most notable of which are “The Pritzker Pavilion”, “Crown Fountain”, “Cloud Gate”, “BP Footbridge” and many others. The Pritzker Pavilion is an ultra mordern concert venue that holds concerts of different music generes every week.

People from all over Chicago enjoy these outdoor concerts that make this city lively. Taking the ultra mordern theme of the park further The Cloud Gate is a strange yet unique sculpture of stainless steel that is polished to reflect the citys skyline. While the Cloud gate reflects the citys skyline, The Crown Fountain with its huge 50ft high glass panels project the videos of every day people spilling water from their mouths. It is quirky yet attractive.

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